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In 1957, while giving a lecture to university students, the famous jazz musician and composer Gunther Schuller said that there was a "third genre" between classical music and jazz, completely independent of these two, but having adopted the best elements thereof. Existence of Schuller's "third flow" is perfectly evidenced by the works of such musicians as Duke Ellington, Keith Jarrett, Charles Mingus and Uri Caine.

VEIN TRIO is a striking modern band, capable of materialising Schuller's thesis in a flawlessly professional way. While the trio's roots can be found in jazz, their best pieces, a symbiosis of jazz and classical music, are within Schuller's domain. They began experimenting with classical and jazz musical elements in the course of their work on The Chamber Music Effect album. The undisputed crown jewel of this genre is the VEIN plays RAVEL program. The French composer Maurice Ravel, who journeyed between impressionism, neo-classicism and expressionism, did not shy away from supplementing his music with certain elements and impressions from the popular music genres of the early 20th century. Performance of Ravel's widely popular Bolero by the VEIN trio, for instance, produces a truly fabulous effect, but the link to the original composition is never lost, not for one second.

The VEIN trio is going to be comprised as follows: Michael Arbenz (piano), Thomas Lähns (double bass) and Florian Arbenz (the percussions).

The VEIN trio has an experience of cooperation with numerous world-famous solo performers, such as the trombonist Glenn Ferris, saxophonists Greg Osby, Dave Liebman, Andy Sheppard and many more.

Since its founding in 2006, the VEIN trio has already released a total of 12 albums. Their latest achievement is the VEIN Plays Ravel record (2017), which enjoyed both critical acclaim and public appreciation; a magnificent elucidation of the musical colour of this trio – a combination of jazzy eagerness, energy and masterful improvisation with masterpieces of European classical music.

Aside from their career as performers, all three musicians are no less active as composers, expressing their creativity as an amalgamation of the best traditions of jazz and classical music.


Organizer: VEF Kultūras pils

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