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Music is capable of removing barriers between genres and styles, and even between ideas and people. AISMA extends even further, erasing the boundaries between dreams and reality. Rich in fantasy, Edgars Cīrulis's music takes the listener into a different world, telling and exciting fairy tale of the most important part of one's life – one's childhood.

The first part of the night is going to be the piano and bongo concert composed by Edgars Cīrulis short before the creation of AISMA. The concert is a musical harbinger of a larger creative work, where fairy tales meet music and illustrations. Part two is going to present the first album book of the AISMA trilogy. This is an international multimedia project involving musicians from Italy, Denmark and Latvia, who play music based on the author's fairy tale by Edgars Cīrulis and Jānis Ločmelis.


- Edgars Cīrulis – author, compositions, piano (Latvia)

- Arta Jēkabsone – vocals (Latvia / USA)

- Svens Vilsons – guitars (Latvia)

- Alise Golovacka – flute (Latvia)

- Kenneth Dahl Knudsen – double bass (Denmark)

- Matias Fischer-Mogensen – drums (Denmark)

- Federico Nelson Fioravanti – compositions, the percussions (Italy)

Organizer: VEF Kultūras pils

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