Current events

Due to a state of emergency declared in the country event date is moved to 24th September 2020!
In case of any questions, please contact the organiser.


Since 2012 “Royal International Dance Association” was found with the goal of promoting and enhancing the culture, art and education of dance in Italy and abroad.     

Since 2012 Association has annually held the “Royal International Dance Competition”.

In 2014 we established a collaboration with “Beijing Dancer Culture and Art Development Company” and since Association have annually held the “Royal Dance Grand Prix” in China.
In 2017 “Royal International Dance Association” opened an additional office in Latvia, Serbia and Italy.

International Ballet Competition “Royal International Baltic Dance Competition” will be held in Riga, where dancers and teams from different countries of Europe and Asia will take part. 
During the competition also will be Contemporary Dance workshops. The competition will end with the gorgeous concert, in which young artists of ballet, prizewinners of different worldwide competitions. 

Organizer: TSDA, SIA