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Tsuumi Sound System are one of Finland’s internationally most notable modern folk music bands. Rooted in Nordic folk traditions, with their multi-award compositions, this seven-piece instrumental ensemble has no problem with accommodating various influences together in a show of high intensity and delicate feeling.

With a taste of Celtic, Balkan, classical and jazz influences, Nordic folk has never sounded so cosmopolite: inspired fiddle playing, magical accordion sounds, driving percussion and enough earth and grit – especially from the sax – to make the music sound great and varied.

Founded in the late 1990’s Tsuumi Sound System was initially an integral part of Tsuumi Dance Company. Today, the band is touring on its own, with a gig-counter already running on three-figure numbers.

Tsuumi Sound System have produced three albums where co-producer and Swedish guitar legend Roger Tallroth has brought a truly masterful touch to the sound. HOTAS (2007) provides a wealth of music riche, positioning the band at the top of European folk bands. With GROWING-UP (2009), the band demonstrates that they lost none of their charms, drive and appeal. FLOATING LETTERS (2013) follows the musical continuum of the band. The new album BLINKING LIGHT was released in 2018.

On stage, Tsuumi Sound System bring the audience into musical journey full of emotions and enjoyment, creating an overwhelming live experience. Their shows have gained wide popularity, from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, and from the UK to the USA. The band has also featured at the live session on BBC’s World on 3 at Maida Vale Studios in London.


Organizer: VEF Kultūras pils