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The Latvian Radio Choir
Sigvards Kļava | conductor
Viesturs Kairišs | director
Ieva Jurjāne | stenographer

Jānis Strazdiņš | vocals
Andris Keišs | vocals
Agate Pooka | vocals, violin
Gundega Krūmiņa | vocals
Artūrs Noviks | accordion
Romāns Vendiņš | piano
Toms Poišs | double bass
Kaspars Kurdeko | percussion

Women’s vocal ensemble RĪGA

Riga – the multifaceted capital that has managed to maintain its signature features and atmosphere. Riga – the art metropolis that has gathered the servants of all Arts that have worked with a global scope in this city. It is about them – the Riga kin; the grand and romantic; the creators of the face of Riga; the ones to suffer, grieve over the destroyed glory and the lost men; the ones to survive the storms of history, and the ones to dream of the perfect city of the future. This story told through poetry, music, dance and theatre is about them. About the city through which flows Daugava that has given Riga two distinct faces and allowed these two faces or shores have their own distinct stories – the diverse Riga of Vācietis, Maskats, Čaks, Stabulnieks. And the bonds that symbolically bring it together – the bridges of time and fantasy, on which we shall meet to experience heartfelt and deeply personal stories.
Through musical interaction we shall experience how the Word comes alive as two great composers meet two great poets leading to a fantastic spectrum of music and emotions. It is a production that tells the story of Riga and its great songwriters in which the bright lights, noises and smells of the Riga centre meet the romantic atmosphere of the quiet streets of Pārdaugava. And in this world of allegories – on the imaginary bridges of time, the poet meets his colleague from the other shore who turns out to be his own alter ego. Although beaten and bruised by the rapids of life, he still deeply feels the pining of a dreamer and searcher.

Aided by the Riga City Council