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What does it mean – “Born in a lucky shirt”?
To live a fulfilled life according to time, nature and oneself. To honour your nation and family values. To trust the world, to keep an open heart and mind in every situation life offers you, and to return to this world as a brand new.

Musical production introduces both - new musical pieces and original arrangements of Latvian folk songs and existing dance choreographies. In a contemporary way it will compare a human life to a nature changing its seasons. Main values of the play are the meaning behind generations, faith in laws of nature and time, wisdom imprinted in folk songs, that are revealed to the audience by the main characters and Gods of Latvian folklore.

One of the central symbols of the play is a tree which lives through all four seasons just like a human does through their life: spring – birth, childhood; summer – youth; autumn – maturity; winter – old age.  The other symbol portrayed is Latvian mythological Goddess Laima - creator of human destiny.

Brightly, brightly shines the light
In the darkest corner
There Laima scripts the destiny
For the little child



Children vocal studio MOMO, Dance studio RITMS, Folk dance ensemble ZELTA SIETIŅŠ

Musicians: Ilze Grunte, Andris Grunte, Mārtiņš Linde, Edgars Kārklis

Solo: Laima Miltiņa, Salvis Sprūžs, Dace Kravale

Director: Valdis Pavlovskis

Scenography by: Egils Kupčs

Video projection: Krists Krūzkops

Costume designer: Agnese Spridzāne

Organizer: VEF Kultūras pils