Pāriet uz galveno saturu

VEF frequency

Values stay. Turn up the culture frequency. 60 years on the VEF wave…

Culture frequency. VEF wave.

In 1919 in the newly proclaimed country called Latvia a small electronic workshop is being opened, employing five men. They believe that the electricity, that is, light, has the future. If you rub a piece of amber, it gains conductivity. Little things create big things.

Just some time passes, and VEF is already producing radios, telephones and airplanes, as well as creates the legendary “Minox” photo camera by Valters Caps. 

The Soviet authorities, taking over VEF, decide to create an added value for the factory. A culture palace for the people. The neo eclectic building, rich with traditions, arts and architecture,opens its doors on March 1st, 1960. The Large hall is decorated by an impressive chandelier, decorative rose, as well as a decorated side of the balcony and stage.

The radios, produced at VEF, had a prohibited BBC frequency, which became replaced by the cultural wave of amateur and professional artists. Theatre, art, literature, dance. Exchange of thoughts and ideas within the Latvian culture elite – Vija Artmane, Arnolds Liniņš, Alvis Hermanis, Ilmārs Blumbergs, Modris Tenisons, Helēna Heinrihsone, Juris Strenga. Legendary “Rīgas Pantomīma” (Pantomime of Riga) and “Zelta Sietiņš” (Golden Strainer). 44 amateur collectives unite more than 3000 participants aged 2 to 80.

On March 1st, 2020, celebrating its 60th anniversary, the VEF Culture palace is already renewed, treasuring Values in an Elegant Form. Concerts, art exhibitions, balls, conferences, creative evenings, theatre plays, unique museum and a space for creative growth of kids… Modernity and tradition. The tone of high culture and the simplicity of art created by simple people. Simplicity of life and flight of technology. The world and home. The pulse of Riga.

Turn up the culture frequency. VEF wave. Keep searching, it will respond, and you will be willing to hear it out.

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of VEF Culture Palace, we have opened a collection of memory stories #MyPalace. These emotional stories show the connection of people’s hearts with VEF Culture Palace, tell about their emotional belonging to it, reminds of their childhood dreams and gives the opportunity to viewers to remember their own stories about the Palace, childhood and youth, and understand the role of the Palace in finding and developing creative abilities…

VEF Kultūras pils 60. jubilejas zīmē esam atvēruši video atmiņu stāstu krājumu #ManaPils. Šie emocionālie stāsti rāda cilvēku sirds saikni ar VEF Kultūras pili, vēsta par emocionālo piederību bērnības sapņu Pilij un dos iespēju atcerēties JUMS pašiem savus stāstus par pili, tur vadīto bērnību un jaunību, un saprast pils nozīmi radošo spēju atrašanā un attīstīšanā.