Pāriet uz galveno saturu

Concert with a twist

Creative team of the VEF Culture palace keeps working on enriching artistic program, and in addition to already well-known and beloved VEF Jazz Club and Come Prima concert series, there’s a new brand added up to that range of events – CONCERT WITH A TWIST. Here from now on all internationally appraised professional musician concerts will be gathered, entertaining our audience since the end of 2017.

CONCERT WITH A TWIST offers a special culture platform, where one can get acquainted with a foreign culture through unique musical and cross-genre prysm, getting lots of joy as a result. Some music gourmands already got a chance to enjoy music from many different cultures of the world, starting from a purity of accordion sound by virtuoso Martynas Levickis, up to emotional journeys to faraway Guinea and Cuba, listening to Conexion Cubana and Sekou Koyate – needless to say that amazing concerts keep on intensely happening under the new brand name.