Pāriet uz galveno saturu

Latgalian song ensemble OLŪTEŅŠ

VEF Culture Palace’s senior club, Latgalian song ensemble „Olūteņš” was founded in 1989, in Riga Latgalian union „Trešuo Zvaigzne”. The founder of ensemble is Normunds Rutkis, but in 1991 the management of the group was taken over by Jevgenijs Karudzniks (1921 – 2003), with whom the ensemble has rehearsed both Latgalian folk songs arranged by J. Karudzniks as well as original compositions. Since 2001 artistic director of the group is Rasma Mezale, in whose lead „Olūteņš” is continuing to tend and protect Latgalian traditions, language, folk songs and original pieces of Latgalian composers.

Attractive Latgalian ladies, in their prime years, participate and sing in the ensemble, while actively performing at the events organized by VEF Culture Palace, as well as in social centers in Riga and its districts, every year taking part in the events organized by the city of Riga, competitions, exhibitions and festivals, various Latgalian society’s „Trešuo zvaigzne” events and concerts, jubilee concerts of Latgalian poets and composers, etc. „Olūteņš” has also performed in different Latvian cities and parishes, as well as in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since 2008 the ensemble has taken part in all of the Nationwide Song and Dance Celebrations.

The ensemble has one of the best results in the vocal ensemble exhibitions in Riga, as well as Latvian vocal ensemble competitions amongst the senior groups, where the ensemble usually receives the Level I diploma.

Vocal ensembles
Group leader/-s
Rasma Mežale
Session venue
VEF Culture Palace | Ropazu Street 2, Riga
Session time
Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am until 1pm