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VEF Theatre

VEF Theatre’s mission is to create professionally strong troupe of amateur actors, based on highly acclaimed literal repertoire. Potential actors are being selected on a competition basis.

The troupe participates in various theatre festivals, as well as organize offsite guest performances.

Up until now, amongst all staged productions there are such plays as “The Night of Long Knives 1934” based on literary work of Yukio Mishima, Albert Camus “The Misunderstanding”, “Marriage” by Nokolai Gogol and Anton Cekhov’s “Ivanov”.

For the performance of “The Night of Long Knives 1934” the troupe became laureates of “Play the year of Riga region 2014”.

N. Gogol’s “Marriage” was named as the most successful play in the annual amateur theater festival “Riga Plays Theatre 2017”, and consequently advanced to “Play of the Year 2017” finals, where Raivis Altrofs received the title “Actor of the Year 2017” for the role of Podkolosin, and the director Agris Krumins was awarded for his successful work with the actors.

Amateur theaters, Amateur theaters
Group leader/-s
Agris Krūmiņš
Session venue
VEF Culture Palace | Ropažu Street 2, Riga