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“Jasmīnas choir” is a relatively new foundation within the field of choir music in Latvia. In the heart of the choir – the chief conductor of the Latvian Nationwide Song Celebration, Selonian (historical region in Latvia) and artistic director of the choir – Agita Ikauniece-Rimšēviča, who gathers together, in her melodic voice group, experienced and versatile vocalists. The creative manager of the choir and the singers receive active supported by their conductor Ivars Rebhūns, who during every-day life assists singers in their learning process of new vocal parts, works with choir ensembles, and even frequently writes arrangements for the choir. Also, “Jasmīnas choir” receives assistance from Viktorija Pakalniece, who works with the separate groups of voices in the choir, as well as with each chorister individually.

The founding meaning of the choir, as well as its essence, is to be aware of the power of your heritage – feeling of the tribe and your roots. This is the reason why “Jasmīna choir’s” mission is to strengthen the ethnic identity within modern choir music, by proudly adding an interpretation of Selonian temperament’s characteristics – natural energy and stubbornness.

The “portfolio” of the choir holds many remarkable concerts in Latvia, as well as receiving the Highest rank in a national level competition in Latvia in the spring of 2015, thus becoming an elite member amongst six best mixed choirs in Latvia. “Jasmīnas choir”, ever since its founding in 2014, has been amongst the best amateur choirs in Riga. In 2018 the choir earned the right to participate in the XXVI Latvian Nationwide Song Celebration’s “Battle of The Songs” competition finals.

“Jasmīnas choir” has received recognition outside of Latvia in the 27th Béla Bartók International Choir Competition and folk festival in Debrecen, Hungary in 2016, in concert activities in Malta, Australia, New Zealand and Belgium. In September, 2019 the choir received third place in the 4th International Baltic Sea Choir Competition in Jurmala.

Group leader/-s
Agita Ikauniece-Rimšēviča, Ivars Rebhūns
Session venue
Riga Art Space | Kungu Street 3, Riga
Session time
On Tuesdays and Thursdays 6.30pm - 9pm