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Folk music group MUSICIANS OF TEIKA

Teikas Muzikanti (Musicians of Teika) is a folk music band, that consists of young and musically gifted people who have been united for years by friendship and folk music.

They are delighting their audience by singing, dancing and playing instruments. It is also at utmost importance for the band to honor and celebrate Latvian traditions and annual national holidays, by preserving centuries old traditions in their performances.

There is always a creative and positive atmosphere within the Teikas Muzikanti group. A real Teika musician sings, dances, plays, enjoys, creates, inspires, is fun, creative, positive, and most importantly – never loses his/her distinctive character.

Instrumental ensembles, Instrumental ensembles
Group leader/-s
Katrīna Feldmane un Kārlis Briņģis