Pāriet uz galveno saturu

About rent

Regarding the lease of premises, please contact Liene Kubiļus, Director of the VEF Culture Palace, phone No.: 25488536, e-mail: vefkp@riga.lv 

Having first opened its doors in 1960 as a cultural centre, the building of the VEF Culture Palace has been maintaining its function ever since, preserving historic values while also looking for new creative and modern forms of cultural and artistic expression. Apart from that, it has become one of the moist spacious venues for concerts and events in the Quiet Centre of Riga.

The VEF Culture Palace offers spacious and diverse premises for various events:

  • The Grand Hall (853 m2, 803 seats; wheelchair spaces also available in the parterre. The hall is an excellent venue for concerts, conferences, performances, congresses, etc.)
  • The Chamber Hall (325 n2, 250-300 seats; for concerts, public functions, seminars, etc.)
  • The Mirror Hall (100 seats, 123 m2, for banquettes, drinks receptions, seminars, etc.)
  • Lobby (645 m2, situated on 2 floors, great for holding corporate events, celebrations, festivals, experimental projects, exhibitions, etc.)
  • The Exhibition Hall (112 m2, a good venue for exhibitions, drinks receptions, banquettes, etc.)
  • 3 seminar rooms (113, 83 and 63 m2, for seminars, meetings, festivities)
  • 1 VIP conference room (39 m2, for meetings and negotiations)
  • VEF History Museum
  • 1 café and banquet hall (catering services are available)
  • Recording studio
  • Information centre with a ticket office

The premises are fitted with proper technical equipment. The required services are also available. Apart from that, we can also make your event a very special one with a performance by a creative art group of VEF and take you on a guided tour.

VEF Culture Palace is an up-to-date environment for holding various events, discovering the history of culture, highly artistic self-expression with simultaneous emphasis on enduring values. This is s space for creative initiative, implementation of innovative ideas and search for new creative ways of expression.

More about VEF Culture palace here.