Current events

2019 is the anniversary year for the well-known Latvian musician, concertmaster and the first violinist of Latvian National Symphony Orchestra.
On June 19, 2019, Raimonds turned 55!
At the same time 2019 will be a summary of the artist's 35 years of creative work. During this time, the Latvian violinist-virtuoso has given numerous concerts as a soloist and concertmaster of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra.
Raimonds Ozols anniversary concert will take place in VEF Culture Palace on October 10, 2019.
This time Raimonds Ozols and his friends Marcis Auzins (guitar) and Raimonds Macats (cello, keyboards and mouth accordions) offer a concert program by composer N.Paganini and A.Piazolla.
N.Paganini's creations for each of us are associated with virtuoso violin music, but the composer also has created excellent romantic chamber music - Duetto Amoroso, Grand sonata, Tercetto for violin, guitar and bass, which will be heard at this concert. Each piece has its own origin story, most often associated with intimate moments of the composer's life.
The surprise of the program promises to be the part of A.Piazolla's music connected with his own spiritual experiences.

The concert program has been chosen for a wide audience and the performers promise an emotional pleasure for everyone.
See you soon!

Organizer: SIA BRIG, tālr. 29533075